About Us


MyWayInStyle is a unique, contemporary label, modern fashion with an equal blend of style and tradition that abides by the sophisticated lifestyle. The brand, when worn, evokes a mindset-an attitude, not an age. This brand was designed to make all women feel modern, powerful, yet sexy. 

Every piece you will find in our convenient online store is completely original, being made entirely in our in-house studio: Where our designers create everything from the seasonal color palettes to the actual drawings and patterns themselves. These intricate designs are then brought beautifully to life by highly skilled craftswomen whose textile tradition goes back millenniums.



About the Founder/Designer 

Bojana Brown, My Way’s founder and chief designer has a lifelong obsession with clothing and fashion. She takes a great deal of pride in every piece of clothing that My Way has made. It is very easy, however, to take pride in these articles of clothing, as they are chic but traditional, modern, and very ostentatious. Also in a position as the chief designer, Bojana makes sure that all her fashions have distinct patterns and unique styles.



Our History

It was after noticing extraordinarily hand crafted ponchos and shawls that 19-year-old Bojana discovered the beauty of her tradition. Fascinated by these ethnographic textiles, she began designing her own collection in 1996. Through designing her own styles and designs, Bojana was learning everything she could about knitting traditions and fibers. Along the way of these studies and discoveries, she encountered the luxurious softness of fine Italian yarn. These exquisite yarns are still offered in our original art-knit garments in our online store, as they continue to be made by skilled Serbian women whose time-honored textile tradition remains an art-form.


Our Mission

MyWayInStyle seeks to create an upscale product, while providing top-notch service to ensure all of our valued customers have an exceptional shopping experience. It is Bojana's and My Way's motto that every individual’s needs will be addressed, so that you can go out and be proud to know that you are wearing this unique label. Or, as Bojana would like to say, “Wear it and show your understanding of style”.